The Journey To A Couture House

Not everyone ends up showing their designs on the runway and working in a glamorous couture house. Those who do are either plucked from the proverbial street for their astounding talent, or have slowly and steadily worked their way to the top by walking down a very specific path. If you too want to grace the style halls of the world’s fashionable elite, here is what is expected of you. Know more about fashion schools in Sydney.

Paper Trail

While it is not compulsory, it helps if you study fashion professionally and there is paper trail of it somewhere. There are plenty of designers who have never stepped inside a school in their life. However they have original talent and experience to compensate for that. When you go through formal training you also get to meet other people in the industry and build connections because they often attend showcases and turn up for guest lectures, and in the process they often select protégés and interns for their own companies. There is also the collective knowledge of the decades that can be learnt faster within a classroom than out in the field.

Needle and Thread

Again, this is not a necessity, but if you can sew then it follows that you will have a better understanding of fabric and what is possible within the realm of design. Those who follow fashion courses most often follow sewing classes simultaneously if they cannot sew already. Most aspiring designers begin by taking apart their existing clothes and changing them to create new designs and fashions on their own. Others created clothes for their dolls and toys. A very few designers in the industry initially started out as seamstresses and tailors and then grabbed every promotion opportunity with fashion design course until they found themselves where they wanted to be. It’s a rocky road to the top so the more skills you have, the easier it will be.


Most industry professionals reminisce that they had their first start as interns, go-fers or personal assistants, most of them for no pay. They work hard for long hours in order to gain exposure and experience so that they can find an in to an industry which is notoriously difficult to break into. The reality is that unlike in other industries, most people who go into this field will never experience the kind of fame and fortune that comes with being an international or even national designer Few people make it to the big leagues, and it is usually a combination of talent, hard work and sheer luck that gets them there.