You might be concerned about the shirts that you do have in your wardrobe. Some might not fit you well as you hoped. There are many different types of shirts in the market which will help you look smart and elegant. You will have to make sure that you can pair it with a cardigan if you want a more preppy school boy look. It all depends on your tastes and style. There are many materials which are used to construct a shirt. You will have to look for one which is comfortable for you. Here are some tips on securing the best shirt possible:


You must look at purchasing a custom piece which will fit your physique well. You must make sure that you do pay careful attention to the garment and as to how it will drape across your shoulders. You will have to make sure that it does cover your body well else you might look like a garbage bag. Do make sure that you do speak to  tailor made shirt to find out whether they can create a custom piece.


You must look at purchasing one which is made of a soft material so that it feels good on your dermis. This will help your skin breathe a great deal too. You must look at softer materials especially for the summer period where the weather can be rather hot. Do make sure that you pick colors which are not very bright or even dark as it will not allow the light to reflect off from your body. If you are concerned about the heaviness of the fabric then look for linen shirts.


You must also look at showing off your style to others. You can try wearing plaid or even gingham to help others notice you better. You will have to make sure that you do pair the items with some bright prints as well as patterns to make you look trendy. Do look at the stitching on the cuff as well as the collar area. You can even speak to good tailor in Bangkok if you are looking for more inspiration.


It is not about how many items that you do purchase but about what you purchase too. Some pieces might be affordable but they will be well made. You will have to look at purchasing the best item which will look good from all angles. Make sure that the shirt does fit around your waist well. Do make sure that you pick suits on the internet which will last a great deal of time. You must make sure that you do research on the matter first. You must make sure that it fits your body well too.